Lucius cafe and bakery

Lucius Cafe is a japanese styled cafe connected to a wonderful restaurant, well designed and decorated in a comfortable manner.

As you enter through the doorway, you're greeted by beautifully dressed staffs that will guide you towards a fancy table. The aroma of the cafe is cosy and it also connects to their own restaurant. The tables are arranged in an organized manner which goes very well with the theme of the restaurant. As you walk through the archway, take a glance to your right and you will see the chef's preparing each delicious meal gently with care. Walking straight forward, you arrive at the well arranged shelves of different types of alcohol. The bar counter, arranged with comfortable chairs, opens itself to those who fancy one or two cocktails, mocktails, whatever they prefer. To your left, their closet of expensive wine lines each shelves.

As you sit at your table, a menu is given to you with a variety of different dishes. From raw food to deep fried tempura, each dish is shown with details of decoration. They are served in beautifully decorated plates or bowls where everyone can grab a little piece of every dish. For those who are new to this restaurant, I would definitely recommend the Poke Poke, which comes with different raw fish, cleansed and safe to eat, mixed with different salads.

Each drink comes in generous servings and taste scrumptious. As the food lays down on the tables, your mouths will begin to water as the smell wonderful. Although the price could be a bit more negotiable, servings come in affordable amounts which will not fill you up but give a good enough serving which is better as you can try other dishes without being too full.

Although the restaurant is quite new and would need some updates, it will definitely grow to become a well-known restaurant that would please many people. The food looks so scrumptious and presentable. The waitresses also have cute uniforms that stands out among other restaurants. In my opinion, I would definitely want to visit Lucius again.